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Everything catalogued and organized.

  • Glossary
  • Policies
  • Processes
  • Reports
  • Documents
  • Database Schemas
  • Predictive Models
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One place.

Instead of having to spend your day sifting through dozens of different apps each with their own interface we bring it all together in one simple, easy to use place.


Automatically synced.

We connect to 20+ of your favourite apps, data sources and systems to continuously keep your catalogs up to date. And with our open source developer kit it's easy to build your own.


Dynamic and flexible.

Your catalogs don't need to be just boring, lifeless text. With real-time charts, dials, gauges, video, maps, animations, feeds, diagrams and so much more we make them fun, expressive and flexible.


Governed and auditable.

With enterprise class data governance you can easily see the history, lineage and classification of your data as well as ensure quality and accuracy with multi-step approval processes and automated reviews.


Everything connected.

Connect a report with the data, documents, metrics, models and people it relates to and then get notified when something it depends on changes. Or connect everything and never again worry about change.

Built on a solid, secure foundation.

Powered by Apache Atlas
GraphQL and REST APIs
End to End Encryption

Active-Active Disaster Recovery
SAML Single Sign On
Multi Factor Authentication

Clean up your business.

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